Tantra massage is more and more sought after by women. Why is that?

Both men and women are hardwired to seek not only pleasure, but a loving touch as well. And few things deliver this better than a tantra massage. While erotic rubdowns have been traditionally more of a domain of men, more and more women are starting to discover their magic these days as well. Why would that be? Let’s find out!

Tantra massage can offer a unique therapeutic experience

Indeed – though it’s a source of tremendous erotic delight, the impact of tantra can be much more far-reaching than that, tapping directly to the source of sexually-related psychological complexes and insecurities that secretly plague many more women than you would think. Obviously, the female sexuality can be stifled in cases of direct physical or sexual assault, domestic violence or other traumatic events, which have a lasting negative effect, both physical and mental. In other cases, it may be a simple long-term sexual dissatisfaction or a lack of intimacy or sexual contact. Undergoing a tantric therapy – preferably repeatedly – can prove to be an unexpectedly powerful cure.

How exactly can it help?

Tantra is a slow, gentle procedure which does push the boundaries, but does so in a slow, gentle way that you may not even notice it’s happening. Initially, the client can even stay clothed if she wishes, and gradually remove the clothes as she becomes more comfortable in her own skin, so as not to trigger any traumatic memories. Once the client is fine with her own nudity, her whole body – private parts included – can be worked on, thus gently dissolving the unconscious barriers, blocks and defences that it installs to protect itself from repeating the sexual or any other trauma. Step by step, the client’s sexuality is unchained and rejuvenated. This is rarely achieved in just one sitting, and will probably take many more hours and perhaps even a few relapses before the desired effect is achieved, but it can be eventually done.

The massage itself can be provided either by a man, or, if that’s too uncomfortable, by another woman as well.

Of course, the other reason of this massage’s popularity is quite prosaic – pleasure…

And indeed, perhaps the majority of women seeking tantra seek it for this very reason. No wonder – tantra is a highly tactile experience that combines genuine, full body relaxation, similar to that offered by a real physiotherapeutic massage. What’s more, it adds a highly sensual twist to it, catering to the erogenous zones as well, which is not something your regular therapist would offer you. All the while, it does so with deep care and love, thus satisfying both emotional and erotic needs the women might have. The result is a holistic pleasure that outlives even the moments during which it is given, leaving those who receive it elated and thoroughly satisfied.

And its benefits don’t just end there…

In addition to the aforementioned impact, there are many positive things to be said about tantra. Among the observed benefits this procedure brings about, you can find for example:

  •   Stress relief
  •   Increased blood flow
  •   Improved sex drive and the quality of sexual life
  •   Strengthened immunity
  •   Boosted self-confidence

And each of these would be deserving its separate article. But as for now, it’s enough that we’ve established the chief reasons why this massage can be beneficial not just to men, but to women as well!

Why do you think tantra and the other massages are only recently being discovered by women? What is the reason behind the delay? Have you perhaps tried tantra yourself? Tell us more about your experience – leave a comments below!