How do birth control measures help to prevent pregnancy?

Nowadays there are a lot of contraceptive measures are used by people to protect the development of fertilized eggs in the female’s uterus. Among all the measures emergency contraceptive pill remains very effective and the easiest technique to use. Like other forms of birth control, it also aids in preventing pregnancy the difference in it is it acts as a measure during emergency times. They can be used in the morning and it helps to prevent unintended pregnancy. The dosage of this like number of pills depends upon the brand and individual body condition. One can take the emergency pill when.

  • They forgot to use the regular contraceptive pills
  • No proper fitting of the contraception in the vaginal ring
  • Breakage of the contraceptives when they are in use.

They are hormone-based and non-hormonal pills available that are used according to the allergic reactions of the individual. They can use normal birth control pills as an emergency measure when over one pill is used at a time. These pills act by delaying ovulation, blocking the release of eggs, and prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus. These block the activity of hormones involved in fertilization and development. Certain factors show the effectiveness of these pills:

  • Weight of the person – each brand has specifications in which there is a limit for weight and age.
  • Time of the intake of the pill – sooner the intake lessens the chance of getting pregnant.

These pills are available in drugstores or pharmacies and one can get them based on the prescriptions.