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She had addressed James by his surname — James himself having called Lily by hers — and attempted to stop his bullying. Getty Colin Creevey had a pretty rough break -- not only did he die in the BoH in the books, but he wasn't even mentioned in the film series after "Chamber of Secrets. Professors Snape and Trelawney. The young couple were chosen to be Head Boy and Head Girl.

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He's tweeted support for her UN HeForShe campaign and she's tweeted support for his post-"Potter" career, so we'll just let the two lovebirds take it from here. Lily with her husband and infant son The Potters went into hiding while Lily was still pregnant. Originally, Petunia and Lily were quite close, but her magical abilities and her friendship with Severus caused problems between the sisters.

I've made excuses for you for years. None of my friends can understand why I even talk to you. Envying her sister's abilities Petunia wrote to Dumbledoreasking if she could attend Hogwarts with Lily.

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James told Lily to take Harry and leave while he held him off. But the duo was so great together in "Love Actually" and apart in "Harry Potter" that we can't help but write a little bit of fan fiction. She became quite skilled at Potionsattracting the attention of Professor Horace Slughornwho made her a member of his Slug Club. The two had clearly gotten close -- but could it possibly mean that the loony Ravenclaw and ill-fated Gryffindor were dating?!

A brief search of Lynch's Instagram history would definitely suggest yes: Though Lily and James were invited to the wedding, Petunia refused to have Lily as a bridesmaid, upsetting her deeply.

Harry was left unscathed, except for a lightning-bolt scar. Please — I'll do anything A special school for freaks. A memory Harry sees featuring Lily in fifth year standing up to James Potter This led to a parting of ways between Lily and Snape, as the former had already become dismayed by Snape's fascination with the Dark Artsand his friendship with his Slytherin house-mates Mulciber and Averyboth of whom were aspiring Death Eaters.

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Around the same time, [17] Sybill Trelawney made a prophecy in front of Albus Dumbledorepredicting that "the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches" and would be "born to those who have thrice defied him".

And could there possibly be a better way to soften the blow of number four than by retreating to the arms of the woman who killed you? James's best friend Sirius Black later commented that James could not resist showing off and making a fool of himself whenever she was around.

Bellatrix Lestrange and Sirius Black. The Force Awakens," and we think Katie Leung -- who went to school for art and design in London, and performs regularly onstage -- is just the woman for the job.

Because Lily's death was a pure loving sacrifice she intended to die, and was not hoping to save herself Harry was marked with the protection of her love. In a letter to Sirius dated around Harry's first birthday in JulyLily mentioned that the family had a pet cat, and relayed a story about Harry flying on the toy broomstick Sirius had given him as a birthday present.

When Vernon tried to impress James with his car, the wizard in turn boasted of his own material wealth, and a row ensued. Trapping mother and son in Harry's nursery, Voldemort, honouring Snape 's request to spare her life, offered Lily a chance to step aside.

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So in honor of this too-good-to-be-true romantical pairing, we've used our brain-hats to sort some other "Potter" singletons into relationship bliss. All three Lavender Browns.

She steadfastly refused to stop shielding her son, and Voldemort murdered her. Severus was the first person to tell Lily that she was a witch, and he went on to teach Lily a great deal about the wizarding world while the two eagerly awaited the time when they could attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry together. However, it is implied that James still had the desire to bully Snape, but was willing to stop actually doing it for the sake of Lily.