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She didn't turn her back just because of Sulli's dating news. Of all the drama that lee min ho and park shin hye have done exo dating rumors Heirs is the best and unforgettable bend dating. Exo Dating Rumor The kiss scene was in the script. Other dating news of EXO all matched well.

[Kai ♥ Krystal] Witness accounts, dating rumors of other EXO members, more

Weekend In The Woods. I was flustered because it was random but it's true. My Love, Madame Butterfly. Still, not confirming or disregarding anything. But SM made a deal and it was released yesterday instead. He claims that his sister's male friend or sister-in-law is allegedly connected to the well-known entertainment site and works as a reporter.

Made it about halfway until i couldn't take it anymore. Jinnabit's prophecy that gives you goosebumps Krystal 1.


P's One Fine Day. She made an account for Choiza on her fansite because Sulli asked her to. They're not even in the same company, how did they meet? Blind items say another EXO member will be reported in the second half of the year, and it's an extremely big news. I'm waiting for the season Show it to us pls.

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The idea of some of the rumored couples proved to be popular with certain fans and many people were left hoping the rumors would be confirmed. Baekhyun once dated Taeyeon of Girls Generation, Kai is allegedly still dating Krystal even after several breakup rumors. I cannot tell you this at the moment.

Fans had asked reasons for Kai's leg injury, but they did not give any feedback, making fans upset.

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Exo dating rumor - Surely they're not going to mess up a winning formula, right? As for other EXO dating news, it is a well-known fact that most members have been linked to their fellow SME artists and to other girl group members. Not to mention, Lay, who is allegedly still in a relationship with his longtime non-showbiz girlfriend.

Exo Dating Rumor 2015. [Pann] Why is SM stereotyped for being visuals > talent? ~ Netizen Buzz

If you looking for good story drama then look elsewhere. When she turns 37, DO turns Apparently in a non-celebrity relationship?? Year-end performance was right ahead, he wasn't being careful or responsible.

No wonder many people say how lunatic our fandom is. Kids Are Lifes Blessing. Korean fans do, however, cheer on real couples if they think that they match well.

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I don't have anything else to say because they match well. It's true that he wasn't being careful.

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Their ages aren't even similar Based on the site's official statement regarding EXO dating news, the site receives over comments because of this false report. Dating isn't a bad thing but they shouldn't be showing it like that.

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It would be much fairer if K-pop did this as well. Not sure if they're still dating.