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Past history Prior drug use could be a factor in using drugs in the present. When physiological circumstances change and some of this fat is metabolized, the cocaine molecules are released back into the bloodstream.


The Narconon New Life Detoxification Programs is a key treatment modality that addresses this problem by a time-tested method of getting the cocaine out of the body in a controlled environment and thoroughly so that the ex-user will no longer have these overpowering urges causes by re-experiencing minute amounts of cocaine long after the person has re-established his ethics and moral code to eliminate even the idea of ever using cocaine again.

A person abusing cocaine will also experience moments of extreme energy, followed by moments of fatigue and exhaustion. But cocaine use and abuse interferes with the re-absorption of dopamine. Drug addicts usually have a favorite spot and a favorite time no matter how hard they try to hide it.

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I am also former pro athlete, during those days I was not thinking about all the negative repercussions of drugs. However if your date was of an average temperament to begin with but lately has been showing signs of a nervous behavior, greater anxiety, restlessness and being talkative, you may want to dig further. Apart from nosebleeds, a runny nose with no obvious signs of illness is another indicator of cocaine use.

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These cravings can go on for literally years after someone has stopped using this drug. Also cocaine use can make a person experience nausea and the constant need to throw up which further inhibits appetite.

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Loss of appetite is one side effect of cocaine use and a person using cocaine may begin to lose weight so rapidly that the change in appearance is impossible to ignore. Cocaine is an expensive drug. Effects Every time a person uses cocaine, there is a change in his neurochemistry that accounts for these high or good feelings. Physical signs Apart from mood swings, cocaine use is also accompanied by certain physical signs in an addict.

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So if you find your date hitting the rood without any obvious cause, addiction to drugs may be to blame. Detoxification It is this phenomenon that accounts for many people believing that cocaine addiction is a chronic an progressive disease.

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Things go missing If you have been spending a lot of time together to the extent that your possessions are often lying around at each others place, then any sign of valuables or money going missing should act as a red flag.

The excessive accumulation of dopamine makes for a higher than normal amount of the chemical in the brain is what accounts for the high feelings of euphoria. One of these delusions that inevitably ruins many lives is the drive to continue getting the cocaine high long after a person can no longer afford to purchase any more of drugs.

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Loss of weight If your date had a normal appetite and body weight to begin with and then started losing weight at an alarming rate, you should be on your guard for drug abuse. Extreme mood swings is again followed by onset of jitters.

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While an emergency at home or workplace — as in case of a doctor — can be a valid reason to leave abruptly, such situations are always transparent and there is nothing to hide. Then again, when taken in high doses, cocaine can create muscle spasms and tremors, and make a person exhibit violent and abnormal behavior. Prone to violence Another symptom of prolonged cocaine use is a tendency to violence.

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While pipes, razor blades and bongs, are paraphernalia most commonly associated with cocaine use, in fact anything can be used as a vehicle to use drugs like small mirrors typically used for shaving, crushed soda cans with holes punched into them, pens with their innards removed, anything glass that has openings on two ends or with black residue like a lighter has been held to it a long time.

Anyone that has had a history of cocaine use or has a loved one with this past, should contact the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation to learn more about this thorough detoxing and treatment.

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One of these could be something as hazardous as drug abuse. Cocaine users can come off as irritable, snappy or even threatening when they get cravings. So if your date has been exhibiting most of the above signs and then starts seeing things and points out objects which are simply not there, you know there is something serious going on.