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Motorbike taxis are the most popular form of public transportation in town and bargaining is advised before getting on. Highlights include fresh pineapple with chili salt, tiny coconut treats wrapped in banana leaves, and freshly fried fish. And about another metres along is the Prachuap Beach Hotel. The service can get booked up, especially if you just walk up half an hour before the train leaves.

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In this area are the night street eats. By car[ edit ] From Bangkok, there are two routes as follows: The city hall was situated at Mueang Kui until The first is the beach road itself, then Sue Suek Road, followed by Sala Cheep Road, then Pitak Chart Road which is the main shopping streetand then Maharaj 1 Road, which parallels the railway line. You can also see spectacled langur monkeys at the northern end of the Wing 5 beaches there are usually plenty near the Khao Lommuak mountain.

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Small fishing boats moor nearby. By bus[ edit ] There is only one bus that actually comes into the city itself, and this is the aircon one from the Southern Bus Terminal. This area is known for the friendly monkeys. Cars can be rented from trustworthy companies such as Avis, Budget, and Hertz.

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Along this road are some shopping places, and you will see the Clocktower. Budget[ edit ] The night market on Kong Kiat Rd is open every night and offers a variety of meals for around 30 to 60 Baht.

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The town was rebuilt at the mouth of the Ron River during the 19th century and renamed Prachuap Khiri Khan. There are five roads parallel with the beach. It also does American breakfast at the restaurant.

Coaches are second class and air conditioned - the seats are padded but quite old and rickety. Pizzas are cooked in a traditional oven, same as Bread and Roasts. City Gate pictured here is similar to city gates in other cities Wat Thammikaram - excellent views of the bay and city, with wild monkeys crawling all over the place.

The air force keeps the beach lovely and clean, and it is the "main" swimming beach within the city.

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Due to safety however, make sure the driver has a spare helmet of decent quality. There are a few restaurants along the shoreline. See[ edit ][ add listing ] Prachuap Khiri Khan City Gate Ao Manao Beach - a couple of miles south of the town centre so tuk-tuk or bicycles recommended.

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Great quality for a more than reasonable price. Sit on the provided deck chairs under umbrellas 10 baht per person at the south end of the bay, near the food courts, or walk along the beautiful empty northern stretch, see tiny pink seashells and watch crabs digging holes in the sand.

There are also good and reasonably priced restaurants, especially for seafood.

Makes a nice side trip on the way to the beach. It was connected to Nok Air, but they do not fly any longer to Hua Hin. There are some steps to the top, but the view is degrees, and totally worth the climb! If you are coming from Hua Hin, take a minibus from the Clocktower in the main street. The ropes are strong and secure but some parts are quite challenging and almost vertical, and it becomes much more of a climb than a walk for most of the roped section.

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The actual City bus station is actually about one kilometre along the road to Bangkok from the 4 way intersection and on the left hand side of the roadand buses going north and south will stop here, without going into the City.

About half way up the steps stop and you get ropes attached to posts leading the rest of the way up. Along this strip also are several decent restaurants, and seafood is a speciality. There are a couple of budget and mid-range hotels along the Ao Prachuap beach road, which is pretty quiet and unspoiled by too many tourists.

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They make great gifts when coming home. By Minibus[ edit ] Note that as at Junethere is now a dedicated minibus stop at the 4 way intersection on the main BKK to the South road.

If you want to go from the minibus stop outside the city to anywhere it will cost you at least 60 Baht - they have become more mercenary and will probably try to get B to anywhere. You will then travel roughly one Km, crossing the railway line via a bridge.

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The total distance is approximately km or 4 hours. Trips start from about 40 baht depending on the distance.